Meditation? Of Course There’s an App for That!

PrintThe Higher Life, in June 6th’s The New Yorker, puts a face on “Andy” our narrator and meditation buddy in the app Headspace. It’s a useful little program that I have played with, as well as several of my clients. In expected app-like form, it moves you through an visually adorable process of meditation goalposts in way that feels like you’re actually achieving something concrete. The interface is a low-key and modern way to learn how to meditate without having to attend a class or workshop. The benefits of a meditation practice are well documented through studies on overall stress reduction,  pain management, focus and productivity, and depression, just to name a few. Many studies on the impact of meditation have been noted to have flaws related to inconsistency application of the internal process and small sample sizes, but it is difficult to fully dismiss the impact that the practice, even a few minutes a day, can have on our ability to feel calmer and be more able to manage ourselves a bit better.

The New Yorker A meditation for commuters by Andy Puddicombe, Headspace’s mindfulness expert



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