Flexible and Unflappable

At a yoga class the other day, a teacher reflected on and reinforced the desire for her students to become “unflappable”.  In the course of the class, she focused on mindful awareness of the moment and the physical experience of a yoga pose regardless of its difficulty. She stressed attending to the internal experience of the pose not just the outward expression of the pose.  Unless you are magical, it’s easy to experience a potentially “flapping” moment in a yoga class, like buckling legs, losing one’s balance, or overfocusing on a classmate breezing through a pose that you find too difficult.  I loved this teacher’s approach and use of that term: unflappable. It’s applicable to life and the benefits of being cognitively and emotionally flexible.  It’s not about being perfect or things going perfectly, it’s about being flexible, attentive, and tolerant of what is…with a strong and positive tension between actively trying and letting go. In life, and in the therapy room, we often want to improve our ability to not lose our cool and “flap out” in moment we feel overloaded emotions.  To seek unflappability is a beautiful goal guided by a truly delightful word.


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